food pantry shelvesEstablished in 2004, Bnai Raphael Chesed Organization is named after Rabbi Raphael Guy, who came to Southeast Brooklyn in 1989 and guided many people to Teshuva (returning to Torah-true Judaism) by donating his time and efforts to outreach and Chesed (acts of kindness). In Honor of his success, we have named the organization after him and hope that Hashem will give him strength to continue his great work in Los Angeles, California, where he currently resides.

Our mission is to combat poverty and make the daily lives of those we touch a little easier and simpler.We help families with direct donations of food, clothing, medical supplies, furniture, and appliances. Bnai Rapahel also provides advice and assistance with application for government programs such as food stamps and health insurance. Our services also include advice and referrals for other matters clients need in a variety of areas.

As of this writing, we are serving approximately 2,000 families on site at our pantry through a network of food pantries throughout Brooklyn and Queens. The food is donated by individuals and businesses, and an emphasis is placed on helping families with nutrition.

Recipient families are entitled to visit the food pantry weekly to receive kosher food products and fresh produce free of charge. Clients include large and small families, single-parent households, and the growing population of elderly adults.

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